ATV Mower Pros & Cons

June 21, 2022

If you own a large property and you have no way to efficiently mow fields or clear trails, then an ATV mower might be the perfect solution. In this article we are going to focus on front mounted ATV mowers, as opposed to pull behind ones. We like front mounted mowers because they give you better visibility and maneuverability. Your ATV/UTV also won’t flatten the grass before it’s cut.

They are great pieces of equipment to have, however, like anything they have their pros and cons. Before buying it’s important to consider where and how you will be using the mower, and what makes the most sense for you.


Faster in Open Spaces and on Trails

A big advantage to using an ATV/UTV mower is that they can cut a lot faster. Your ATV will be able to outpace any lawn mower when it comes to getting around your property. Thismakes ATV mounted mowers perfect for people with wide open yards or fields that they need to mow quickly. Your time is your most valuable commodity. Investing in a tool that saves you time is always a good call.


Can Cut Through Thicker/Taller Grass

ATV mowers are built to handle taller and thicker grass than a standard mower. Besides ATV lawn mowers, there are also ATV brush cutters and ATV flail mowers which are specifically designed for clearing heavy brush. These are great for clearing new trails and cutting into more overgrown areas.


Can Handle Rougher Terrain

ATVs are designed for all kinds of terrain, which means ATV mowers are too. Not only are they great at mowing trails, but they are also better suited for mowing hills compared to many traditional mowers. Rammy mowers even include roller bars so that their blades don’t dig into the ground. This allows you to mow uneven terrain easier.

To adjust the height of an ATV mower, you use the ATV/UTV winch. In more extreme situations you are able to raise or lower it as needed so the mower doesn’t get caught on anything.


Perfect for Trails

The great thing about ATV mowers is that they can mow wherever your ATV goes. For trails we recommend one of our Rammy ATV front mount mowers. Front mount mowers are perfect for trail maintenance because you maintain visibility of where you are mowing at all times.

Beyond trails, there are even more unique situations that people have found ATV mowers useful. For example, they are great for mowing between vineyard trees or trellises, as well as in orchards.


Not as Maneuverable in Tight Spaces

One of the biggest negatives of using an ATV mower is that they will be much less maneuverable than push mowers or zero turns. This isn’t a problem for trail work or large fields, but they become impractical for tight spaces.

If you plan on mowing around a lot of objects then a more traditional mower might make more sense for you. A great way to see if an ATV mower makes sense for you is to drive your ATV around the areas you want to mow. This will let you see how often you’d need to back up or redo turns. It won’t be an exact comparison since your machine will handle differently with a mower. But its a good test to conduct before investing a few thousand dollars in a piece of equipment.


Overall Cost

A good lawn mower and a good ATV mower can easily run a few thousand dollars. The obvious con with an ATV mower is that you also need an ATV to use it. So if you don’t have one, then to use an ATV mower you’re going to need to buy both. If you already have an ATV/UTV then the cost will be much more comparable, but it is an important factor to keep in mind.


Each One is Built for Different Jobs

Push mowers, zero turns, and ATV mowers are all built for different people. Each will have its pros and cons based on the situation and what makes the most sense for you, won’t make the most sense for everyone.

At Metsa Machines, we import Rammy ATV mowers from Finland. They are designed to handle large areas, trails, and other projects that push mowers or zero turns are unsuited for. If you’re interested in a Rammy ATV mower attachment, fill out the form on our contact page and we will be happy to help you.


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