Metsa Machines imports and distributes product lines from a variety of different brands. We are constantly evaluating the power equipment industry, and using our knowledge to source and distribute equipment that fulfills a specific need within the United States. Watch our blog page for the most up-to-date information on incoming brands and product lines. The current brands distributed by Metsa Machines are:

Japa Firewood Processors

Straightforward, high-performance firewood processing. A stronghold in the Finnish forestry industry, Japa has been producing powerful, efficient, and safe firewood processes since 1977.

Ultratec ATV Accessories

Ultratec offers a full line of ATV trailers and accessories, designed specifically with #makingatvsawesome in mind.

These products are perfect for getting the job done without fallout or debris. They’re easy to use, easy to move, and easy on the environment. Pair your ATF with an Ultratec logging trailer to lower your forestry footprint. Try a long arch and an extra dolly for an even smaller impact, and then relax in an Ultratec ATV Sauna when the work is done.

Rammy ATV Accessories

Rammy OY is a Finnish family-owned company specializing in the development and manufacturing of powerful, user-friendly ATV implements.

Rammy products are compact and efficient machines. With Rammy attached to the front of your ATV, your ATV will remain maneuverable, and our multifix connector makes it suitable for any brand of ATV. From smooth travel, to strong off-road performance, we are proud to be the exclusive importer/distributor of Rammy products in the USA.