Fimex Sauna & Hot Tubs

Fimex's saunas include barrel saunas and yard saunasAll Fimex saunas are available with an optional Fimex wood stove kit that includes everything needed to enjoy an authentic Finnish sauna.

The wood fired barrel hot tubs from Fimex are second to none. Fimex hot tubs can accommodate 3-12 people, depending on the model. Optional accessories include stairs, covers, and more.

Combi-Koda – Inside

What is so interesting about the inside of the Combi-Koda? Once you walk in, you’ll find the grill right away!

Located behind the grill on the other side of the wall is part two of this building – the sauna!

Combi-Koda – Outside

he Combi-Koda is half a grill house, and half sauna.

It has two separate chimneys, one for the grill, and one for the wood-fired stove in the sauna section.

Handmade Basket

Handmade Basket

The perfect accessory for your grill house, sauna, or fireplace, this handmade basket allows you to easily carry transport your firewood through the house without making a mess.


This unique sauna offers a front porch/deck, a changing room, and a sauna room with plenty of room for you and your guests–including a wood-fired stove.

Small Grill House

The small grill house provides character and comfort for your next grill out.

Wood Stoves

If you are seeking the real authentic steam sauna experience, Fimex offers wood stoves with sauna stones for use in any of their sauna models.

Wood-Fired Hot Tubs

The steamy, wood-fired hot tubs are available with internal stove or external stove options, and there is no electricity required!

If you are looking to go “off the grid”, then complete your experience with a Fimex wood fired hot tub.