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Japa 365+ Basic TR Firewood Processor


The Japa 365+ Basic is an excellent firewood processor for all kinds of work. This machine comes standard with a 13.8′ conveyor, a powered infeed conveyor, and auxiliary hydraulic valves and controls come standard. This allows timber decks, feeding rolls, and log lifters to be added to it.

Tractor PTO horsepower required = 30-35 HP

All pricing in USD, freight to your location or dealer is additional. Please inquire for further details. Log lifts are available for additional fee.

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Base Configuration

Base Package Knife:

4-Way Wedge

In-feed Conveyor:

Powered Infeed Conveyor Belt

Out-feed Conveyor:

13.8' Conveyor

Made in Finland

Made in Finland

Compatible Racks/Accessories

  • Japa 465 Basic Log Rack


  • Japa 422 Midrange Log Rack


  • Japa 471 Hydraulic Timber Deck


  • Japa 47901 Hydraulic Timber Deck


Quick Facts

Max Log Diameter:

14 inches

Max Cut Length:

23.6 inches

Wedge Knife Options

4-Way Wedge, 6-Way Wedge, 8-Way Wedge

Perfect Split Knife Options:



One year



About the Japa 365+ Basic TR Firewood Processor


The Japa 365+ Basic TR firewood processor is a tractor PTO powered machine. It’s a professional processor with optimized hydraulics so it can cut and split simultaneously. It has a high output, is highly efficient, and has a great uptime. Auxiliary hydraulic valves and controls come standard on the 365, which makes it compatible with multiple accessories that will make your work more efficient.

The infeed, cutting, and splitting functions are all controlled with one hand for maximum ease of use.

The Japa 365 comes with a powered in-feed and out-feed conveyor. You can easily fill up wood crates, truck beds, and more, without needing to move your firewood by hand. The Japa 365 can handle log diameters of up to 14″ and has a max cut length of 23.6″. You can use a mechanical lever to easily raise or lower the processor knife. This lets you split logs of all sizes quickly and efficiently.

The PTO configuration requires 30-35 horsepower.

Consistent Firewood Lengths

The Japa 365 comes with a positive log stopper. This metal positive log stop adjusts to your required cut length and will stop the log when it enters the chamber. Then when the saw comes down to cut the log, the stopper moves up and out of the way. As a result, the log drops into the split chamber without getting caught on anything.

This guarantees that your cut lengths will be uniform from cut to cut. It takes the guesswork out of processing and you don’t need to deal with a hanging chain or rubber antenna that can give inconsistent results.

Self-Lubricating Bar & Chain

The Japa 365+ Basic has a hydraulic powered adjustable bar oil pump. It has a separate oil reservoir to automatically lubricate the bar and chain. As a result, it is less likely to overheat because there is less friction. Which, in turn, lets your bar and chain last longer.

A Safer Firewood Processor

The Japa 365 firewood processor has several safety features. The hydraulics and chainsaw disable when the guards are open. This prevents accidents. This means if the guard is opened while the chainsaw is running, it will deactivate. Furthermore, when the safety guard above the chamber is open, the log splitter is automatically stopped. Customer safety is at the front of every decision that Japa makes when building their machines.


The Japa 365+ Basic is compatible with timber decks, feeding rolls, and log lifters. A log rack/timber deck greatly improves this machine’s output. You can also choose to configure your machine with a log lift if you don’t want a full timber deck. The hydraulic log lift will assist in raising logs onto the machine. And the hydraulic lift with feed roller will also assist in moving the logs into the cutting chamber, reducing your work load even more.

There is a Japa 365+ Pro version as well. The main differences between them is that the Basic uses a manual pull down for the chainsaw, while the Pro uses a joystick to control the hydraulic functions. The Pro is also available in a road version, while the basic is not.

To learn more about Japa, visit their site.

All pricing in USD, freight to your location or dealer is additional. Please inquire for further details.

Basic vs Pro Comparison

Below you can see a comparison of the Basic and Pro version of the Japa 365. While they can both handle the same sized logs, there are multiple quality of life improvements with the Pro version.

Japa 365+ BasicJapa 365+ Pro
Max Log Diameter14″14″
Max Cut Length23.6″23.6″
Power OptionsTractor PTO, 3-Phase Electric, Honda iGX700 EngineTractor PTO, 3-Phase Electric, Honda iGX700 Engine
Road VersionNot AvailableAvailable
Hydraulic Valves & ConnectionsIncludedIncluded
Machine ControlManual Saw Pull-Down LeverJoystick
Conveyor Speed RegulatorOptionalIncluded
Infeed ControlsForwardForward & Backwards
Knife AdjustmentMechanical LeverHydraulic Lever
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