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Japa 465 Basic Log Rack


The Japa 465 basic log rack is a sturdy and economical metal log rack, that is a great way to improve your firewood workflow.

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Made in Finland

Made in Finland

A Quick Look

About the Japa 465 Basic Log Rack


The Japa 465 basic log rack is a sturdy, metal rack, that is an economical way to improve your firewood workflow. It comes with two rollers that will allow you to feed logs into your processor easier. Since it is manually fed, we recommend using a hook or a pickaroon. This will greatly assist with moving the logs onto the feed rollers.

Furthermore, if using this rack with the Japa 365, you have the option to configure it with hydraulic rollers. You have the choice between either one or two powered rollers. These make it even easier to feed logs into your machine.

Benefits of a Log Rack

A log rack is a great way to keep your logs off the ground and ready to process. The less time you spend staging, the more efficiently you can work. This is where a log rack comes in handy.

As a heavy duty, but simple log rack, the Japa 465 lets you prep your workspace before powering up your machine.

If you want a larger log rack, then check out the Japa 422 log rack.

We also offer hydraulic timber decks, such as the Japa 471 Timber Deck and Japa 47901 Timber Deck.

About Japa

Japa is a Finnish company that has been making firewood processors since 1977. At Metsa Machines, we are the sole US importer of Japa machines and are proud to be bringing Finnish ingenuity to the states. Their processors are robust, easy to use, and safe, and their log racks are built with the same focus on quality.

If you’d like to learn more about Japa, you can visit their site HERE.

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